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Disaster Law &

Legislative Advocacy

Regional Webinar Series

Aug 03 - Sep 01, 2021
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Climate smart, inclusive, and well implemented disaster laws underpin a well-functioning disaster risk management system and are essential to prevent and reduce the impact of disasters. They provide the legal and institutional basis on which to undertake all aspects of disaster risk management from risk reduction, preparedness to response and recovery, and contribute to strengthening the resilience and the protection of vulnerable and disaster-affected populations. 


IFRC Disaster Law operates on an international mandate provided by all state parties to the Geneva Conventions, providing technical advice based on twenty years of global research and consultations. IFRC Disaster Law assists National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support their public authorities in developing and applying disaster-related laws, policies and procedures; to enhance community resilience, ensure timely and effective humanitarian relief, and to improve the protection of the most vulnerable when faced with crisis. 



Webinar Series


  • Train National Societies on the Disaster Law thematic areas, tools and resources 

  • Build capacity on the auxiliary role and the mechanisms to exercise it through humanitarian diplomacy in the area of disaster law

  • Analyse the areas in which the National Societies could provide support to their governments based on their unique position and expertise in disaster law

  • Identify elements for a national and regional strategy to overcome the legal gaps identified as challenges in providing humanitarian assistance in disaster management.


African National Societies will be able to:

  • Better advocate for development or reform of laws, regulations, and policies related to disaster risk management.

  • Use the tools and materials on legislative advocacy, auxiliary role, and humanitarian diplomacy to foster relationships with key stakeholders.

  • Engage in peer to peer exchanges through the Regional Disaster Law Champions Group to exchange ideas on any emergent issues within their countries on disaster risk management.


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